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I just wanted to say thanks for a great day on Saturday. Living in New Jersey makes it really hard to access coaches around the country without spending a fortune travelling from school to school. Thanks to the Recruiting Showcase, I was able to work with each of the college coaches in a small group setting and get to know their style and personality.  In turn, they got to coach me and see how I respond to direction. This was incredibly helpful in figuring out what schools I want to pursue. I also appreciate how organized everything was. 

-Parker Mcallen

Stephanie Pellitteri -  First player ever to commit to a sand volleyball scholarship at FSU

"I'm so thankful for BeachDig coaches! Since '07 training with Cindy, Kendra, and all the Club BeachDig coaches has been life changing.

Beach volleyball became my life and Club BeachDig has given me so many opportunities!

I'm now a Sand Volleyball college athlete with one of the first scholarships at FSU and it is because all of my coaches and awesome training!


Hey BeacDig,

it's Alexis. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and hard work this whole season, and for starting Club Beach Dig! I LOVED it; it was so much fun to play volleyball and make new friends. You definately proved to me that it IS better at the beach! I'm sad the season is over and I'm going to miss everybody, but I CAN'T WAIT for next summer! Good luck at all your future tourneys and see you Tuesday.

Love Always, Lexi - Pompano, FL


Even though BeachDig is over for me, I still am in contact with my BeachDig coaches and I know I can ask them questions when ever I need them about playing, training or anything!

Thanks for preparing me for college and giving me so many opportunities!
~ Stephanie Pellitteri

Greg Tendrich - Club BeachDig Father of Macie and Taylor Tendrich

"Congrats on the wonderful news about Stephanie and Aurora.  As much as both girls deserve the recognition for their hard work on the beach, you too deserve kudos for your unconditional love, support and dedication not only to these fine athletes but all in the Club BeachDig family. 
We can honestly state without hesitation that you are an inspiration to our daughter Macie and her phenomenal development both as a player and young woman is the result of her many hours on and off the court with you and all the other talented BeachDig coaches.  
We as parents have to make many important decisions in our children's lives that will ultimately impact them for years to come.  We truly believe that the decision we made several years ago to join you and Club BeachDig was life changing and monumental not only for Macie but for our entire family. 
While we do not know how far Macie will go with her beach volleyball talents, we do know that she has and will continue to receive the finest in coaching and training that will take her to new heights throughout her life on and off the beach. As parents, we simply could not ask for much more".
~ Greg and Kim

"Hi BeachDig,
I just wanted to thank you for this last week of hp camp. I was sooo impressed with you and everyone of your coaches and the organization of the camp.
Every person I spoke with this week to gather more information only had the most amazing things to say about you.
This was Gabby's first formal training. Up until this week it was just about getting on the court and getting the ball. Gabby absolutely loved it. She is sitting in the other room right now writing down different drills so she can practice them and not forget them. 
We thank you for an amazing week!"


Coach Cindy and Kendra,

When you created Club Beach Dig, Jenna was looking forward to playing on the beach all summer. Your passion and dedication to the sport was quite evident. I do not know how you pulled all of this off, especially dealing with changing partners and vacation schedules. Your vision to create a quality beach volleyball program for juniors was amazing and it was quite exciting to be a part of this movement during its inception.

You have our sincerest gratitude for making Jenna a better volleyball player, as well as an athlete. She was extremely lucky to get you as a coach!!! Thank you so very much for all you have done for Jenna.

The Keelers - Parkland, FL


I am totally impressed by your level of organization and your coaching style (that goes for your other coaches too). I carpooled last year to indoor club volleyball and every evening when I would pick up my carload of girls from practice, they all expressed how they no longer enjoyed volleyball and how they wanted to quit the sport. That sentiment was overwhelmingly unanimous. You and your coaches are so supportive and positive and consequently, the girls have a renewed love for the game and a desire to play well and improve. Kudos to you all!

Kimberly Tendrich - Boca Raton, FL

One further thing..... I always tell Taylor that whatever she does in life, she needs to follow her passion as that will lead to success and happiness. The other day she said to me, "Cindy is a huge success with her beach dig club b/c she has pursued her passion." I guess T gets it. Have a great day.


I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for such a great summer. We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your club. Brie can only continue to get better with yours and Capri's instruction. You have given her a new found love. She has always loved Volleyball, but she really loves being involved in Beach Volleyball. Once again thank you and we look forward to seeing you on the beach.

Laurie Roulette - Boca Raton, FL


First, thanks so much for teaching Elise beach volleyball this summer. You and Rhi were great role models for my daughter, and I especially appreciated that. She really did love it, even if it was hard and grueling! She likes it better than indoor (for now), and feels she'll be able to keep playing volleyball as much as she wants for the rest of her life, even if she's not 6" tall. I know she learned a lot about herself as a person, an athlete, a competitor, and a friend.

Lisa Babey - Weston, FL


Hello Ladies,

First we'd like to thank you, Cindy, and Marcela for your time, energy and intense conditioning and training sessions. Nastassja says she learned a lot during her training sessions with Marcela about controlling the ball, and specifically enjoyed learning about the different ways to direct her returns that will assist her immensely with her indoor game!

Congratulations to you Cindy for your great feats thus far as well as to all of the coaches for the marvelous role models you have been for these young minds and bodies! I commend you both as a mom and a former Child Psychologist. Keep up the grand work!

Angel Schmiedt/Nastassja - Miami, FL



BeachDig Coaches,

I just wanted to be sure to send you a quick note and a big Thank you for everything you do! My daughter, Morgna Crawley, attended the Beach Dig 2012 College Sand Volleyball Recruiting Camp and has just had tremendous success with her Sand Recruiting. We are from Knoxville , TN. She also created an awesome BeachDig Recruit Profile. Long story short - and with a lot of Recruiting in between- Morgan was seen at the showcase and invited to visit Mercer, Stetson, Webber, and FIU! She recieved scholarship offers from Mercer and Webber, but fell in love with Coach Rita at FIU and has committed to their Sand Team for Fall 2013. I think the Stetson offer was close behind, but one look at FIU was all it took:).

Sand Recruiting from Tennessee is not easy and filled with many long road trips to Florida to compete. I just wanted to be yet another testimony to everything that BeachDig stands for and the amazing support given to Sand Athletes, even in Tennessee. Morgan is definitely another BeachDig success story!

Thank You!

Susan Crawley

Hi coaches, 

I wanted to update you on my daughter, Lauren, who recently committed to FAU. Their  overwhelming interest was a direct result of our attendance last year at your recruiting showcase camp. Following a campus tour and meetings with coaches we were very pleased to have her commit last month and look forward to her attending FAU in August 2013! Thanks again for all of your efforts, it would have never happened without your help!

Best regards- John D'Amato